Saturday, 21 December 2013

Link Pyramid Type

Hi I would like to tell you the Type of Link Pyramid Create Some unique content and Unique page related to the niche product etc always use some informative thing that people love it I am going to show you example and use that in your linkbuilding can rank your keywords in google. 1. Unique contetn 2. List of things i Mention in Picture 3. Images 4. Video These are the things you have to use for two Tier link Pyramid.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

What is Social Signals

Social Signals are very important for site ranking. Facebook likes,google plus,twitter retweets,Tumblr and Social bookmarking.

These are the things to rank your site very well in serp. When people gives likes to your content because there is some unique information and people love for that content and he got the things he were looking for.

So the best things is that social signals but from real people. Share your contents not only social bookmarking. You have to share in,, and google plus there are many things more but at-least you have to share and just share also with your friends etc.If any questions feel free to contact me I can provide you very good seo for your site.

Friday, 13 September 2013

You Need Dofollow Backlinks

If you need huge dofollow backlinks from automatic softwares I can provide you huge in demond. Let me tell you Google loves dofollow backlinks and gives you authority to your site. You can get more anchor variations and improve your serp ranking there are more than 40% anchor backlinks and 60% a naked url gives you more power.

All These backlinks are dofollow and zero % nofollow.I am providing these service on fiverr. You can buy that service direct from me just email me.

Xrumer Expert on Odesk

Well you can check my profile on odesk. If you need surety of my services i am providing and you are thinking for good result you can check my profile on odesk and hire me there so there will be no problem for you to payment from anywhere in the world and there will be no fraud because your payment will be secure. For long terms projects I am giving free tests of my services i am providing i am sure you will be happy and order my services without hesitating.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Fiverr Gigs

My services on fiverr 

I am going to explain gig about creating forum profile backlinks here you will get forum profiles. These backlinks are best for tier 2 and tier 3 I mean in link pyramid or link wheel target to web 2.0 or wiki whatever but don't target to money site because your site rank will be down If you don't have good site authority and new site.Direct blast is best for negative seo.

Do you need something about Link Pyramid to improve your site ranking. This gig is best for positive seo. It will not hurt your site but your ranking will be improved naturally it will gives rank to your buffer site. All platforms backlinks are creating in this gig.

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Negative seo

If you wish to direct contact me you can email contact me on seeesan[@] and you would be save nobody will know about you everything would be private as for all i do or my Skype is gsmrock.
Negative seo is very important now a days like positive seo. If your competitors trying to down your link why don't you? 

For That Purpose a spam links play a very important role. You have to get full advantage from spam links. I can provide a lot of spam links. I will do a blast of xrumer direct to your competitors sites and will index quick. Google will detect spam backlinks and your competitors site should be down and your site will get more good rank in
Negative seo Depends on site authority fresh sites down very quick. Its time to revenge because people are going to blackmail you already given negative feedback,ripp off or something else like wrong things about your name your service We do both positive seo and negative seo. The purpose of both is because we will rank all your sites on top of the google and get down all wrong things about your brand,service or name.

xrumercheapback or xrumerprofiles user you can find on fiverr

Just mention Neg that i would understand you need negative seo.Your Competators will don't know about what you did contact me here on my site or place your order.